About Burundi Friends Church

Who we are?

The Evangelical Friends Church of Burundi is a countrywide Christian institution. We have our members in 17 provinces out of 18. Most of our members are located in Province Gitega, Ngozi, Muramvya and Ruyigi. The Church has approximately 60,000 members including young adults above of 15 years old (totalizing about 15,000).

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145 Avenue de l'Industrie. Rohero, Bujumbura, Burundi.


+257 22 21 62 55 ( Office ) +254 112 968 717 ( Support)

Other ways to contact us

Email: support@burundifriendschurch.org

Demography and Statistics  

We have 119 pastors who lead 246 meetings. We provide 4 health facilities, including a major national hospital in Kibimba, 20 primary schools and 17 high schools, including 2 theology schools.


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Health Facilities


The Evangelical Friends Church of Burundi was introduced in Burundi in 1933. Its belief is based on the creed of the ... 

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Burundi Evangelical Friends Church is organized into 3 hierarchical structures, all together forming the two Yearly Meetings which … 

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The Evangelical Friends Church of Burundi is structured as an hierarchical structure which embodies ...

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Burundi Evangelical Friends Church comprises of 2 Yearly Meetings leaded by:

Rev. Nizigiyimana Louis Pasteur

Legal Representative & President of the Yearly Meetings Conference

Hon. Bizimana Philippe

Clerk of Kibimba Yearly Meeting

Rev. Nkuriye Daniel

Clerk of Kwibuka Yearly Meeting

Rev. Ndikumana Eraste

Superintendant of Kibimba Yearly Meeting

Rev. Bizimana Fidèle

Superintendant of Kwibuka Yearly meeting